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Why Evangelism Is Better Than Sex and Social Networking

4. It gives you the right kind of high.

Everyone knows there’s a good high and a bad high. Those who have experienced the joy of sex in a marriage relationship know the good high. When done outside of marriage, any “high” experienced is accompanied by guilt. It is a bad high, not a good high. Drugs, too, have their good high. They can make one rise above physical pain or anguish. They have their bad high when they cause you to lose the ability to act, react, and think properly. Social networking can cause one to get excited for the right reason. It’s a bad high when something done or seen is not honoring to God.

Evangelism always gives you the right kind of high. You see a person’s life transformed before your eyes and know that he has been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. To think that you’ve been used by the eternal God to snatch someone from Satan’s grip. What a high!


Put evangelism before you. Now lay alongside of it sex, drugs, and social networking. No comparison! Evangelism for the above reasons doesn’t have the edge; it leaves all the rest in the dust.

What does all of this mean? The next time you have a chance to share the Gospel-go for it! It can be a most exhilarating experience. And the thing that makes it even more enticing and exciting is that the One you are talking about is right there with you giving you all you need to speak boldly in His name. You might find yourself saying, “Wow”! Don’t miss one of the greatest pleasures and experiences of life. Share the Gospel!

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Dr. R. Larry Moyer is a veteran evangelist and a frequent speaker in evangelistic outreaches, training seminars, churches and universities around the world. Born with an inherited speech defect, Larry vowed to God as a teenager that if He would allow him to gain control of his speech he would always use his voice to declare the gospel. In 1973, Larry founded EvanTell, where he now serves as President and CEO. He has written several books on evangelism and frequently contributes articles to ministry publications.