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Want Missional Leaders? You Need This Coaching Guide

As the church is changing, so leaders must change, and the coaching questions we used in the past may not fit the life, tensions, or reality that many leaders now face.  

Every leader gets lost and blind in their own world, and sometimes, the most powerful way to influence leaders is by asking the right questions.

Jesus did this, and it changed history, so consider using this list of questions to help evaluate your own missional leadership and the leadership in your ministry. 

I am giving you four key aspects of a leader’s life that must be coached for true missional and incarnational leadership: 

1. Deep in Character 2. Clear in Calling 3. Culturally Savvy 4. Able to Lead Inclusive Community.

1. Deep in Character

What are you anxious about this month, this last week?

How much are your concerns stressing you out? How is that showing up? Anger, withdrawal, harsh words, criticalness, or any moments of depression that you can’t dig out of?

Is anyone being hurt by the stress level in your life? How can you apologize this week to those you’ve hurt?

What are you hearing from God about these concerns?

Have you been regularly finding a place of silence to hear from God?

What do you think He is saying to you about your marriage, your heart, the balance of leading people vs. leading your family?

How are you dealing with battles of your mind? Purity? Pornography? Do you need some help with this?

Have you felt any undue pressure to lie or try to prove your worth to anyone this last month?

Have you been speaking well of and praying for other pastors in your city?

What have you been reading for your own encouragement?

Do you feel that God loves you this month? Do you feel that He wants to give favor to you, or do you feel that Hhe wants to discipline you? Why?

Where do you feel dark spiritual forces hassling or attacking you? Have you specifically exposed these issues and asked people to pray?

Do you feel you have real friends right now? Who? Why or why not?

What things have made you the saddest this last month?

What things have made you laugh and find joy this last month?

What are you afraid of right now as we talk?