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The Top 10 People Christians are Better Than

None of us are better than anyone else. None of us are, and if anyone should know that, it should be Christians. If anyone should know that they aren’t morally superior to anyone, it’s Christians.

If anyone should readily admit there are a lot of good and wonderful people who follow other faiths or no faith at all, it should be Christians (Rich Nathan).

Christians ought to be the first to admit we are NOT better than anyone else, because the message of Jesus is no one is saved by their moral superiority or goodness.

See, the Christian faith was never meant to produce a sense of moral superiority over anybody, but rather it should produce the exact opposite—humility.

Following Jesus should create in us Christians a deep sense of awareness of our sinfulness and brokenness to the point where we are the least arrogant and least self-righteous people in the world. It should.

Christians should be the least arrogant and least self-righteous people in the world. 


Because that’s the point. That’s the point of Christianity, and that’s the message of Jesus. God saved us not because of our morality but in spite of our morality. That, my friends, is the message of Jesus.

I’m guessing most people reading this would say they believe that. The question is, do the people in your life who don’t follow Jesus see that?

Do the non-Christians around you see a humble broken man or woman like them who is thankful for God’s mercy?

Or do they see an arrogant, self-righteous jerk they want nothing to do with?

One last time. You are NOT better than anyone … (so please stop acting like it). I’d love to hear your thoughts, but first let’s play fill-in-the-blank with your name and repeat after me.

Hi, my name is Sammy, and I am not better than anyone else. 

Your turn. 

Also, do you tend to feel more self-righteous toward Christians or non-Christians?