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Pass the Torch BEFORE It Goes Out

Everything has a season.

A season of planting, watering, harvesting and storing.

Then comes the time when you have to begin to teach others around you to do what you do. When you intentionally impart ALL the wisdom gleaned through failures and victories for the sole reason of replacing yourself.

Honestly, this is the highest honor a leader can achieve: To pour your life into others, not with the goal of them just filling your spot, but going further and exceeding you in every way!

That should be our goal.

For some, this idea brings thoughts of, “Nobody can do this like I do it,” or, “This has always been my_____.”

Great leaders have the mind set of Jesus: “When a student is fully trained, he will be just like his teacher,” and, “Greater things than I did will you do.”

The time of passing the torch comes MUCH faster than you can ever imagine.

So start soon, very soon, and pour yourself out like there is no tomorrow. Because just when you think you will have tomorrow, you won’t!

Don’t spoil your legacy and your opportunity to affect the future because of your pride or lack of giving now!

Pass the Torch, BEFORE it goes out!