Newspring Church Welcomes Nearly 50K for Easter

Newspring Church, pastored by Perry Noble in eight locations throughout South Carolina and online, is celebrating the hosting of more than 49,000 people to their Easter services this past weekend. This is 20,000 more than last year and more than three times their attendance in 2009. Noble’s blog also celebrated more than 1,300 people making decisions for Christ.

“If the world can celebrate temporary things such as academy awards, Super Bowl trophies and buzzer beaters during March Madness then the CHURCH should NOT BE ASHAMED or HOLD BACK when it comes to celebrating what GOD IS DOING!” wrote Noble on his blog. “My prayer is that what we saw happen this weekend will cause our hearts to overflow with thankfulness … and also fill us with a sense of anticipation as we look forward towards what’s next!”

Do you have an outstanding Easter story to celebrate what God is doing in your church? It doesn’t have to be a 50K attendance count — it could be the story of a member of your congregation who finally made a decision for Christ. Perhaps you had more volunteers this weekend than ever before. Or maybe your church welcomed more visitors than ever before. TELL US YOUR GOD STORY here, and let us celebrate with you!

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