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11 Traits of Churches That Will CHANGE the Future

9. A high value on experimentation.

The more traditional you are, the less you will value experimentation. The more successful you are, the less you will value experimentation. If you start to raise the value of experimentation, you will accelerate change and flexibility. The churches that connect with their community will be the churches willing enough to try a variety of things, and who also have the courage to kill them as soon as they stop producing results.

10. Prioritizing a “for you” not “from you” culture.

Andy Stanley often talks about what he wants for people, not just what he wants from them. Churches in decline often think in terms of what they can get from people — money, time, growth, etc. Churches that will make an impact on the future will be passionate about what they want for people — financial balance, generosity, the joy of serving, better families and, of course, Christ at the center of everyone’s life.

11. A tailored experience, not a tailored message.

You don’t have to tailor the message to unchurched people, but churches that have an impact will tailor the experience. There were presents under my tree last Christmas. But I’m not a shopping mall fan. Ninety percent of my gift buying happened online. The content was the same — the experience changed. Churches that decide they will hold the message sacred but tailor the experience to an ever shifting culture will be more effective.

That’s what I see. What else do you see?

I’d love to hear about what you’re noticing.    

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