When Vision Fails

Someone said: The pawn shop is the burial ground of dreams and visions. The graphic purely displays what happens when we need a pawn shop. Pawn shops buy our vision failure or we sell it to them.

Vision failure is one of life’s most tragic events.  

When vision fails, lives experience failure, distraction and a loss of purpose. In over 40 years as a leader in both business and church life, I have witnessed vision drift in hundreds if not thousands of occasions.

Vision drift occurs when an organization or its staff shifts from their original vision plan and purpose.  

This shift normally begins in a small way, and most times without a cognizant reality. We might say it is a migration, not an outright digression.

Vision failure is one of life’s most tragic events.

Three very obvious things eventually show up during vision drift:

1) The organization moves away from its intended purpose.

2) The organization moves away from its expertise and uniqueness.

3) The organization moves away from those it is called to reach or serve.

Vision drift occurs most in organizations that are successful.  

Organizations experiencing rapid growth must stay focused on their original purpose. Success brings a variety of temptations and opportunity.  

We have the tendency to think that our success in one area guarantees success in all. This is not true.

Strong organizations that have stood the test of time are normally vision focused.  

Without focus, we have a tendency to move away from our original intent. The vision of your organization must be reviewed and revisited as a constant reminder to staff, board members and vision partners.