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Greg Atkinson: Don’t Go To Seminary

What if Christian youth went to law school, became attorneys and joined IJM, and started helping to literally free slaves???

What if a sold-out Christian became a pediatrician, hospice nurse, surgeon? I’ll never forget going into surgery two years ago and my surgeon asking if he could pray for me before the surgery. I’ll never forget going into surgery nine years ago and the anesthesiologist singing hymns as he was prepping me. What a witness!

I don’t need to tell you the stats of kids, the lack of a father figure/single parent homes, abusive homes and unhealthy situations. Think of them being able to build a healthy relationship with a Christian teacher.

What if we had Christian scientists and researchers that marry their brains with their morals and ethics?

What? What? What? Do you ever just dream? Dream of what the world could be?

I feel strongly about this: If EVERY fired up, sold out, Spirit-led, passionate young person in our church goes on to seminary and doesn’t realize their unique calling, passion, dreams and God-given desires—this world will look very dark and dim.

We need lights.

Salt and earth.

Do you see your role as spiritual leaders and mentors as a sending role?

Do you think of the Kingdom first?

Are you OK with someone that knows their Bible inside and out teaching fourth grade at an elementary school?

I am. 

Your thoughts?