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Why Millennials, X-ers, Boomers and Busters Need Each Other

4. All Generations Should Read to Get a Better Grasp of History.

I’m a bit biased toward history, I guess, so forgive me. But one of the things that plagues our debates, I think, is a thin grasp of both world history and church history.

By this, I mean God’s sovereign hand over all of history in building His Church and establishing His kingdom.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with young people, gripped by the alarmism of “this is as bad as it’s ever been” in the church and in the world. And ironically I’ve heard older generations say the same thing, “In all my years, I’ve never … .”

I think this happens because people have their view of the world shaped by Twitter and the Drudge Report and the flashing neon signs of “breaking news” all over. But settling down and reading, appreciating and absorbing history, reminds us that we are not the first generation to face significant challenges.

Our challenges may not be as severe as those faced by previous peoples. What’s more, church history connects our generation to a rich, 2,000 year history of God’s work among His people. We’re reminded that we’re not the first generation to wrestle with faith and politics, in the world and yet not of it, social gospel versus proclamation, etc.

We’ll also be humbled to know that perhaps we are not the best and brightest and most innovative, like we think we are.

Here’s the other thing history gives us: hope.

Read the biographies of men like Moody, Luther, Tozer, Augustine, Graham, Mueller. Read about leaders like Eisenhower, Washington, Lincoln, King, etc. You’ll see how God works through flawed people to bring about His purpose. Every time I finish a biography of a great leader, I come away with hope and humility.

The same God who was active in previous generations is alive and active today. He isn’t depressed by what depresses us and isn’t waiting with white-knuckles for our clever new machinations.