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Pastors, Here Is Your Largest Untapped Resource

2. It takes a load off your staff.

Vocational ministry is rewarding, but exhausting.

There’s a good chance your church staff knows this all too well. They’re running themselves ragged trying to keep up with all the programs you already have going and have no time (or energy) to create anything new.

By raising up leadership from within the congregation, your staff will receive a much-needed lift and will be freed up for innovation.

3. There’s spiritual benefit to participation.

Nothing about the book of Acts makes me believe church was meant to be a spectator sport. It wasn’t meant to be a performance with lights, drama and entertainment. It wasn’t meant to be a fancy building.

It was meant to be a body—a community of people.

By inviting your church to get involved in the day-to-day operations of the church, you’re inviting them to participate. Instead of just being consumers, they’ll be contributors, which will allow them to see the best parts of what God’s doing in and through your community.

Also—what better way to make connections within the church than to doing things together? Encouraging people to work together on projects will give them reasons and times to connect with one another.

Giving people a common goal is a great way to build friendships.

We carry immense weight as pastors, and we have serious responsibilities in the Kingdom of God. However, we don’t have to shoulder every responsibility on our own.

By sharing some of the weight and the tasks, we’re actually inviting our congregations into something deeper—the reward of working for the Lord that we get to experience every day.  

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With over a dozen years of local church ministry Justin has spent the last several years starting business' and ministries that partner with pastors and churches to advance the Kingdom. He is the founder of Helpstaff.me (now Vanderbloemen Search), Oaks School of Leadership, and MinistryCoach.tv all while staying involved in the local church. Justin is obsessed with connecting people to people and lives his life daily to make the world a smaller place. He now serves as a consultant in the area of strategic relations predominately working with the Assemblies of God, helping to build bridges with people and ministries to more effectively reach more people. He blogs regularly about what he has learned from making connection at www.justinlathrop.com.