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Don’t Make this $30K Mistake in Your Ministry

Recently, a fine Italian restaurant owner found a bottle of wine that was in the wrong place with the wrong tag in the wrong storage bag. You see the restaurant had a system of storage. Depending on value, a bottle was put in a certain type bag, then a tag placed on the bag for easy viewing, and then placed in a certain section.

Wrong Person… Wrong Place!

Well… the misplaced bottle was worth in excess of $30k! Lesson… don’t label things, and put them in a spot too quickly without closely examining their real value and place! We put some people in the wrong place, in the wrong package, with the wrong label–not understanding their real worth. So they sit on the wrong shelf in the wrong package with the wrong tag until they burn out or you fire them!

Right Person… Right Place!

Just a couple of ideas of how to make sure you put the right person in the right place:

1. Ask them what they are Passionate about! Hopefully without them knowing what job you are trying to fill. Because if they know, guess what… that’s their passion!

2. Encoueage them to take a personality and giftedness profile. Hard to lie on these. It is an invaluable tool in matching People & Place.

3. Try them out first, if possible. This is a real advantage of hiring inside–you can try different pieces to see which fits the hole.

4. Ask yourself how desperate you are to fill this spot. If you are willing to just “fill a hole” with a warm body because that would make your life easier, guess what… you just made it much more difficult

5. Make a list of the qualifications and requirements, before the process and begins, and then believe God will bring the right person. Don’t settle!

6. Try many different combination’s, but don’t stop until you know have found the right one, no matter how long it takes! (I’ve been praying for a full time staff position for 2yrs!)

If you are impatient, or not in tune with God’s voice in staff decisions, your staffing mistakes will cost you much more than $30K, they may cost you your ministry!

Any other suggestions you would like to share?

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