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Get a TON Done (Without Doing a Ton More)

What if I told you that there’s a way you can get a ton more done without actually doing a ton more? Kind of sounds impossible, right?

Well, think again.

In a matter of two months there was an event planned and put on by the church I serve at, The Crossing, which turned out to be its largest outreach event to date. This was an event that should have been planned close to 10 months out in order to make it happen, but that is not what happened. In two months this event was planned, promoted and put on.

So, how does that event relate to getting a ton more done without doing a ton more?

It will serve as the case study for this idea.

How to Get a TON More Done Without Doing a TON More

The key to doing this is empowering other people to join the mission and to give them authority and responsibility. It’s really an overall better way to delegate.

There were so many different things involved in making the event we put on a success. Businesses needed to be reached out to, government organizations were reached out to, a location had to be locked in (we are a portable church and don’t have our own space), logistics had to be planned, vision had to be casted, phone calls needed to be made, phone calls, phone calls, phone calls, emails, email, emails.

Luckily, I was not the person who had to do all this stuff. I was responsible for everything getting done and ultimately the person who would take the hit if the event was a dud.

The only way to get a ton more done without doing a ton more is by empowering a team of people who are on board with the mission and vision of the ministry.

If you are doing everything that needs to be done and no one is next to you contributing to the goals of your church, you have a major problem. Get some people involved.

But How Do I Put Together a Team?

I have a theory. We as church leaders overthink this.

This is how you put together a team: You ask people to join you in the mission.

Some pastors need to hear that the only thing holding them back from getting a ton more done and seeing God’s kingdom furthered even more is them. That’s it.

It takes a willingness to ask people to join you in the mission that God has called you to.

Before you ask someone to join a leadership team, make sure you get to know who they are prior to asking the question. We as church leaders not only overthink putting together a team, but we will take any willing body and plug them into a leadership role, whether or not they should or can lead.

Make sure you know who it is you are asking to join your team. You not only want to get some people together, but you want to put together a dynamite team!

Make it Happen!

So, what are you waiting for?

You can accomplish so much more without doing so much more when you have a team of people who are motivated by and on board with the mission of God.

Go ask some people to join your team!

Have you put together a team or teams? What has your experience been like?