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David Kinnaman: Living in a Digital Babylon (What You Need to Know)

“If we want our kids to be able to go out and swim in the cultural sea that we have today, cultural discernment is really part of that muscular development that’s so important for them to be able to understand God’s design for life and humanity.”

“We are really good at sermon-making as a western church…but we over-rely on sermons as the mechanism by which we help people learn.”

“We need a human sexuality 101 and 201 and 301 course. People need to be taught how to navigate these topics.”

“We’re training a generation of young people to sit back and watch the performers exegete scripture.”

“It’s never been more important to do good preaching, but if you expect that people are going to grow only and exclusively through preaching without other forms of Christian pedagogy, then you’re not doing your job as a pastor.”

“We see mentoring being very effective and import when it comes to missions and missional life.”

“We are less and less religious, but those of us who are religious are more and more secular.”

“I’ve been looking at research about this emerging generation for a long time, and it’s hard not to be a little discouraged about the people that walk away from faith or that lose their confidence in the Bible…but what about these young, resilient disciples who are themselves offering an effective critique of their generation and of our generation, and of what we have become as a church on their watch?”

“I’m just so encouraged by the faith of this generation.”

“Who are the young people in your church, in your context, in your community, 18-35, the Millennials, Gen Z, who are already really fired up about God’s purposes, and how can you invest in them more deeply and then give them more opportunities to lead the church forward?”

“This generation is leading now. They’re leading in distinctive ways that weren’t true of the Boomers and certainly weren’t true of Gen Xers, overall.”

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