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Justin Giboney: How to Know If Your Pursuit of Justice Is Biblical

“If we speak the truth in love and apply that to the public square, I think we end up with a lot more faithful witness. That takes some time, that takes some digging in the Bible, but we should be happy to do that.”

“We have to keep in mind that…as important as politics is, it’s not an ultimate thing.”

“Our witness has to be more important than winning an election or an ideological debate. We have to show people what it means to be like Jesus.”

“I would believe that on that day when we see our Maker, he’s not going to commend us for how much we protected ourselves, but for what we did for our neighbor.”

“We should really walk into politics with a focus on defending human dignity.”

“Biblical justice is saying, there is a certain limit, there is a certain expectation, or standard that I have to meet when I’m interacting with certain people.”

“We’re in a broken world, and we don’t always get it right…There are a lot of distorted versions of justice.”

“Many of the Abolitionists were Christian, but they also teamed up with some folks that weren’t Christians.”

“We can partner with people, but it has to be a limited partnership where we define the objective and where we know where the differences lie.”

“You’re not alone. I’ve gone all over the country and found folks who are trying to do politics more faithfully. Nobody knows everything, so don’t feel like you have to know everything.”

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Ephesians 4:15

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