Small Group Leaders

What Leaders Can Learn from Mountain Bikers, Part Two: Keep Your Eyes on the...

Lessons on small groups from the world of mountain biking.

How To Develop Leaders

Develop the character and skill of your small group leaders.

What Leaders Can Learn from Mountain Bikers, Part One: The Importance of Looking Down...

Lessons on small groups from the world of mountain biking.

Help Your Group See What God Wants Them to Be

God wants to turn your group members into leaders who carry others and carry out God's mission on earth.

Leader Recruitment Nuts and Bolts

What to do with leaders once you have recruited them.

Intergenerational Small Group Video!

Dry Creek Community Church, Riverbank, California. Michael Atinsky, Lead Pastor Here's a cool little YouTube video of a intergenerational lifegroup (holistic small group that includes...

How to Use Social Media to Resource Your Leaders

Use blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to make a big difference.

Small Group Leaders: Qualifications, Hoops, and Lowering the Bar

One of the most pressing challenges in developing a pervasive groups ministry is finding enough leaders. It may be the #1 challenge (just ahead...

Small Group Leaders: Finding, Recruiting, Developing

A few of the best ways to find leaders.

A Priesthood of Consumers?

"You just can't equip and release consumers for the work of their ministry."

3 Secrets in the Wilderness

Listen, do, obey.

Why Some People are Exiting the Institutional Church to Start House Churches

Can the institutional church learn from the house church movement?

5 Ships Every Small Group Needs

What your small group needs to carry out its mission.

Resolve to Become an Innovator

"An innovator looks for ways to improve the performance of whatever they’re doing."

Small Group Roles

A look at different roles for small group participants.

Resolve to Be a Student

Sharpen your group life skills and understanding.

Share Ownership, Share Leadership

Groups who share leadership as a core team are much stronger in other areas of group health.

Impotent God: Misunderstood or Masterfully Misdiagnosed?

"Jesus hasn’t misplaced His authority over all things; we seemed to have lost our aptitude for acknowledging it."

Making Love into a Verb in Your Group

"How deep is your love for one another?"

Skill Training: Four Questions Every Coach Should Be Asking

"What are you training your coaches to do?"

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