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Responding to Indigenous, Vatican Rejects Discovery Doctrine

A Vatican statement said the papal bulls, or decrees, “did not adequately reflect the equal dignity and rights of Indigenous peoples” and have never been considered expressions of the Catholic faith.

After Shooting, Tennessee’s God and Guns Culture Under Fire as Protests Mount in Capitol

Hundreds of protesters rallied at the Tennessee Capitol on Thursday, calling for red flag laws and other reforms in the wake of the state's deadliest school shooting.

Chris Tomlin, Friends With 2 of the Nashville Shooting Victims, Points to Hope in Jesus

Chris Tomlin recently revealed that he personally knew two of the Nashville shooting victims: substitute teacher Cynthia Peak and head of school Katherine Koonce.

President Biden Criticized for Joke When Asked If Christians Were Targeted at Nashville Shooting

President Joe Biden has been criticized for cracking a joke after a reporter asked him whether he believed "Christians were targeted" with the Nashville shooting.

Nashville Shooting Victim Katherine Koonce ‘Walked With’ Steven Curtis Chapman’s Family Following Death of His Daughter

Steven Curtis Chapman is grieving the shooting at The Covenant School in a deeply personal way. Katherine Koonce, head of the school and one of the victims who was fatally shot, was a personal friend of his.

Vatican’s Highest-Ranking Nun, Nathalie Becquart, Talks Synodality With Young Catholics

‘Listening is more than simply hearing. It is a beautiful listening, in which everyone has something to learn,’ said Becquart, who is shepherding the process of Pope Francis’ Synod on Synodality.

Pope Francis Admitted to Hospital With Respiratory Infection

The Vatican clarified that it was not COVID-19 but it would ‘require several days of appropriate medical treatment at the hospital.’

Once Behind Bars, a Pastor Advocates for Giving Released Prisoners a Clean Slate

Having overcome his own prison record, Seventh-day Adventist pastor Aaron Chancy is lobbying state officials in New York to approve the Clean Slate Act.

Faith Leaders and Religious Groups Voice Opposition to Biden’s Plan to Restrict Asylum

The new rules mirror restrictions set forth by the Trump administration that were eventually blocked in court by migrant activist groups.

9-Year-Old Hero Evelyn Dieckhaus Tried To Warn Covenant School Classmates Before Being Fatally Shot

It has been reported that Evelyn Dieckhaus was desperately trying to pull the fire alarm to warn her classmates and teachers of the terrifying rampage the Nashville shooter was about to unleash on the Covenant School.

Disgraced Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Hired by Mike Todd’s Transformation Church

In a surprise move, disgraced former Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz has joined the staff of the nondenominational Transformation Church in Tusla, Oklahoma. The church is led by pastors Mike and Natalie Todd.

Churchome’s Required Tithing Policy Leads to Class-Action Lawsuit by Employees

Churchome, the Washington state megachurch led by Judah and Chelsea Smith, is at the center of a class-action lawsuit brought by more than 100 current and former employees. They allege that the church and its leaders violated two state laws by requiring employees to tithe from their salaries.

Nashville Parents Raise $420K for Family of ‘Big Mike’ Hill, One of the Victims in Recent Shooting

A GoFundMe has been set up by Nashville parents to benefit the family of "Big Mike" Hill, custodian of The Covenant Church and one of the six victims who died in the mass shooting there on Monday.

‘All Hell Had Broken Loose’ — Brian Houston Releases Statement on 2022 DUI

Scandal continues to plague the life of former megachurch pastor Brian Houston, as he admitted on Tuesday that he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Feb. 2022 while in the United States. 

Study: Religious Attendance Dips Slightly After Pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, religious leaders worried that lockdowns and the move to online services would accelerate already declining church attendance and usher in what some called a “religion recession.”

Pastor’s 9-Year-Old Daughter Was One of the Victims in Covenant School Shooting

Among the six victims who died in the school shooting in Nashville on Monday was Hallie Scruggs, the nine-year-old daughter of Chad Scruggs, pastor of the church that operates the school.

‘Worship Probs’ Creator Speaks Out About ‘Worship Leader’ Trademark Controversy

“Rogue Worship Leader,” who recently had his Facebook account suspended due to a trademark infringement over the term “worship leader,” has had his account restored. But the dispute between accounts like his and Worship Leader magazine is ongoing, and now the creator of "Worship Probs" is speaking out.

Pastor Who Survived Plane Crash Speaks Publicly for First Time Since Accident That Claimed 4 Lives

On Sunday, Tennessee pastor Kennon Vaughan took the stage at his church for the first time since narrowly surviving a plane crash that claimed the lives of four other church leaders. Vaughan was the lone survivor.

Lauren Daigle Cancels Preview Concert To Hold Prayer Vigil for Victims of Nashville Shooting

After the Nashville shooting that took place Monday morning, Christian artist Lauren Daigle canceled the album preview concert she was scheduled to hold Monday night and instead held a prayer vigil for the community.

‘Purple Church’ Pastors Mull Leadership Strategies in Polarizing Times

A recent survey of 467 pastors found that Cooperative Baptist churches were the most evenly politically divided, ahead of Methodists, while, at the other end, Pentecostals and Southern Baptists were least divided.

Josh Butler Addresses Criticisms of His TGC Article About ‘God’s Vision...

Josh Butler, who was at the center of an online tempest earlier this month because of an article he wrote for The Gospel Coalition, appeared on Preston Sprinkle’s Theology in the Raw podcast Monday to explain what he was trying to communicate in his article and to address the pushback against it.

Sean Nemecek on the ‘Long, Slow Slide’ Into Burnout and How...

Sean Nemecek joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the warning signs that church leaders are burning out, how they can become healthy again, and the steps they can take to avoid burnout in the first place.

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