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Healthy Small Group Prayer: 5 Simple, Christ-Centered Practices

One of the things I realized was that you can tell how Christ-centered a group is by how they pray. Find out more about these Christ-centered practices.

Calendaring: The Bane of Small Group Admin

Of the most frequent things we do, scheduling and calendaring seems like it wastes more time than anything else.

How to Create Your Own Small Group Curriculum

Why do we need more small group curriculum in the first place? Good small group curriculum is written to the needs of a particular group. It causes that group to grow.

9 Tools for Leading a Life-Changing Bible Study

Life-changing Bible study: Having the right tools available can open a conversation around God’s Word that will eventually lead to discipleship.

Quality Disciples Grow From Quality Bible Teaching

If someone is not doing an effective job with the teaching portion, no amount of outreach will be enough to grow a thriving group and quality disciples will not be made.

When God Showed Up

God has showed up in Jesus. And nothing’s missing. That is, the only thing missing is us. He’s shown up, but we’ve got to come to him.

What It Means to Say I’m Praying for You

How often do you say these words, and what does it mean to say, I’m praying for you? I’d like to suggest that at the heart of praying for others is the word friendship—friendship with people, and friendship with God.

Keys to Small Group Evangelism

What are the bridges of God? How does the gospel spread via small group evangelism to a lost and dying world? Donald McGavran wrote...

From Fear to Friendship: How Introverts Can Find Community in Small Groups

It’s vital to equip our small group leaders and point people to facilitate with introverts and extroverts in mind. Here are four ways to help introverts find community.

God’s Roadmaps for Life

We not only needed a roadmap back then, but we need a map today. We need roadmaps on how we’re going to get somewhere.

Ed Stetzer: 4 Reasons Small Groups Are Vital to Your Church’s Health

If you think community is an important part of healthy church life, and I hope you do, then small groups should also be important to you. They are actually crucial to the life of any church.

Connecting With Unchurched People

The new front door of the church is the online worship service. The side door of your church is (and has been) small groups. Think about how you can connect with more unchurched people online and through your groups.

The Presence of God – Does Your Small Group Have It?

What good is it to have a theology that asserts God’s presence is everywhere if we have no evidence of it?

When a Bad Group Launch Is Worse Than No Small Group Launch

In case you haven’t discovered this: nothing happens in December expect for Christmas. This small group launch planning can apply to Easter as well.

2 Ways To Build Bridges to God

What are the bridges of God? How does the gospel spread from my small group to a lost and dying world?

What Epaphras has to Teach Us About Small Groups

Epaphras wasn’t just another follower of Jesus. Oh no, he had an important part to play in the lives of the Colossians. He’s the one who they learned from. Learned about Jesus and learned how it changes their lives. It changes everything. And the lessons of Epaphras can be applied to small groups today.

4 Creative Ways To Pray With Your Small Group

Prayer is a vital part of every Small Group gathering.  It is also a part that can sometimes become routine, especially if your group prays the same way every time.

How to Launch Small Groups in Small Churches

When it comes to launching small groups in small churches, there is a dilemma. There aren’t many great models. Most materials and training about small groups come from pastors of megachurches.

Don’t Try To Fix Your Small Group

An atmosphere where we are constantly trying to fix each other will quickly squelch honesty.

7 Trademarks of an Unhealthy Friendship

"I wish I could go back in time and pull words out of the ears of my wife, children and friends, but in that moment, I was blind."

Mark Yarhouse: How Pastors Can Address Gender Identity With Compassion, Civility,...

Dr. Mark Yarhouse joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how pastors can engage people in the area of gender identity with wisdom and compassion while holding to their convictions.

Small Group Leaders