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Easy Small Group Food Ideas

My small group enjoys starting our time together in conversation while eating some snack foods. We rotate responsibility for bringing snacks to our gatherings.

Is Delegating Demoralizing?

Clearly you have more to do than you could or should be doing on your own. But, as you delegate to capable people, could it be demoralizing?

4 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Lead a Small Group

No matter what role I have been in, I almost always lead a small group—sometimes more than one group. I think every pastor should lead a small group. Here's why.

Calendaring: The Bane of Small Group Admin

Of the most frequent things we do, scheduling and calendaring seems like it wastes more time than anything else.

Quality Disciples Grow From Quality Bible Teaching

If someone is not doing an effective job with the teaching portion, no amount of outreach will be enough to grow a thriving group and quality disciples will not be made.

Character with Anointing: A Recipe for Avoiding Burnout

Jason Vallotton makes an argument for ministers to intentionally focus on taking care of their own needs and the needs of their families in the following video segment about character with anointing.

Transformational Change and Your Small Group’s “Brain”

If our relational life is what accelerates our ability to have transformational change and character growth, then does our church’s prioritization of its small group ministry reflect this?

Healthy Small Group Prayer: 5 Simple, Christ-Centered Practices

One of the things I realized was that you can tell how Christ-centered a group is by how they pray. Find out more about these Christ-centered practices.

From Fear to Friendship: How Introverts Can Find Community in Small Groups

It’s vital to equip our small group leaders and point people to facilitate with introverts and extroverts in mind. Here are four ways to help introverts find community.

12 Things Not To Say in a Small Group

I have witnessed these statements wreck the kind of community we’re all striving for in leading a small group.

Keys to Small Group Evangelism

What are the bridges of God? How does the gospel spread via small group evangelism to a lost and dying world? Donald McGavran wrote...

Small Group Evangelism and the Bridges of God

The gospel spreads on the bridge of relationships.

Summer Fellowship Is Strengthened in Small Groups

Many small groups tend to “take a break” for the summer, meeting for times of summer fellowship and fun. Why not encourage your small group members to make it a “Summer of Purpose?”

Connecting With Unchurched People

The new front door of the church is the online worship service. The side door of your church is (and has been) small groups. Think about how you can connect with more unchurched people online and through your groups.

4 Creative Ways to Pray with Your Small Group

Prayer is a vital part of every Small Group gathering.  It is also a part that can sometimes become routine, especially if your group prays the same way every time.

How to Pray for an Hour in Your Small Group

How to pray for an hour in yor small group? Challenge them! Spend ten minutes praying about each of the six topics in this article.

2 Ways to Build Bridges to God

What are the bridges of God? How does the gospel spread from my small group to a lost and dying world?

4 Deep Bible Questions to Engage Your Small Group

By asking fewer, more strategic questions, deep Bible questions, you go deeper and involve more people in discussing and responding to God’s word.

A 3-Step Plan for Mobilizing Your Small Group Outreach

Small group outreach is essential to the health of your church. Here's a 3-step plan for how to mobilize your small groups for the mission.

The Secret to Leading an Amazing, Healthy Small Group

If a group is centered on a purpose and led by a focused leader, there is no greater tool for spiritual growth than a healthy small group.

Gary McIntosh: The Surprising Roles All Pastors Take and the ‘Number...

Dr. Gary McIntosh joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to offer advice about how pastors should navigate the responsibilities that are part of their jobs and also shares specific insights about church leaders who are pastoring without any other paid staff to assist them.

Small Group Leaders