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Church Attendance During Christmastime: Stats on Christmas Outreach

I also found the data depicted in the next, and final, graph to be both encouraging and interesting. Christians must understand the willingness of their friends, family, and neighbors to attend church with them during the Christmas season. This time of year can be a great opportunity for your loved ones who may not believe in Jesus to join you at church and hear the gospel.

Cathy Lynn Grossman wrote for Religion News Service:

Even among the “nones” (people with no religious identity) nearly three in 10 (29 percent) had plans to go to church. Many of those churchgoing nones, an umbrella term for atheists and for people who say they believe “nothing in particular” — also named Jesus as their primary reason for attending in the holiday season (47 percent).

“This is the first time we have asked these questions and we were surprised,” said Lifeway Research director Scott McConnell.

“People are so focused today on experiences. And with all the traditional events and family-friendly experiences being offered at churches to put you in the mood for Christmas, we thought those would be the big draw.

“But it’s not the experiences they are eating up,” he said. “They are there to honor Jesus.”

Again, there’s an opportunity here if we will take it.

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