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4 Keys To Get Useful Feedback on Your Worship Leading

Allow the leaders to reflect off one another, and get them thinking deeply if their first answers seem to lack reflection. Have a set meeting with your pastor quarterly where you ask the question:

“In your view, is our worship life as a church taking us forward in our discipleship, and furthering the values, sense of purpose, and mission of our congregation?”


Sometimes, we as worship leaders actually have the clearest and best thoughts on what’s actually happening in worship. Why? Because we’re seeing the congregation in the activity of worship week after week.

Every time we get up to lead, we’re perceiving what’s going on in the room even if we’re not consciously attempting to do so. Your opinion matters in evaluating the state of worship in your congregation, so make sure you’re in the mix.

Of course, we want to go to God on a regular basis. We want to ask, “Father, what do you see going on here in the hearts of people, and in our life together? How can we all grow in our worship life as a community?”


Try at least one idea the next time you need feedback.

  • To get useful feedback on your worship leading, be sure to ask everyone a little. Your congregation is engaging in worship with you, so they will have some great thoughts as to what is working and what is not.
  • Be sure to take the honest opinions of those select few who will be thoughtful and honest.
  • Note that the leaders in your church will also have strong opinions about the worship experience, and take the time to communicate often that you value their perspective. Make sure your pastors feel as though they can always speak into the worship life of the community.
  • Most importantly, however, trust your instincts (generally we’re hard on ourselves) and ask God to show you what He thinks. Ask Him what’s He’s doing behind the scenes, that you can’t yet see, and how you can be more effective in leading His church into worship that pleases His heart.


This article on useful feedback originally appeared here, and is used by permission.