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What Is the First Song in the Bible

Get this: Heaven is still singing the first song in the Bible. Apparently, God really loves this song. The worship of heaven is impacted by the worship of earth. The lofty angels in heaven are singing songs written by lowly man on earth.

Do You Have a Philosophy of Worship?

Does your congregation have a Philosophy of Worship? If you are developing your own standards for your worship ministry, this is a good place to start.

The Most Important Quality of an Effective Worship Leader

The most important quality is what we assume and take for granted.

Praise Finds the Presence of God in the Valley

Miracles occur when you praise God in the valley. Don’t stop! When you worship, especially in broken places, God shows up and manifests his presence in ways you’ve yet to even imagine!

4 Reasons You Should Keep Singing Hymns in Church

Singing for the Christian is formative and responsive, and therefore must be informed by Scripture. The importance of hymns is that we learn what we sing.

Free Baby Dedication Picture for Your Next Service

Download this graphic to celebrate the dedication of babies and infants at your church.

The Most Powerful Worship Song You Will Ever Sing

How to move beyond the singing a worship song and into the living.

Praying the Scriptures – A Steadfast Practice

Praying the Scriptures, and learning to hide them in our hearts so they re-emerge in times of need for decades to come, is a habit every worshipper needs.

How To Lead Worship Online – 4 Keys

In light of the quarantine taking place with most churches it’s important that we take a deep breath and consider the challenge ahead for us as the church. Now you are called upon to lead worship online.

Women in Worship – 4 Keys to Raising Up Women Worship Leaders

My hope is that whether you have women worship leaders in your church currently or you are asking God to raise up female leaders for your team, you would find this a helpful place to gain insight.

Choosing Songs: 25 Ways to Pick Great Songs for Your Church

What is the best way to choose worship songs for your church? I put together a checklist of 25 things to look for in a good worship song.

9 Ways to Build Prayer Into a Worship Service

Getting prayer into your church means building prayer into the DNA of a congregation.

Simple Musical Settings of the Communion Liturgy

This year for Advent at my church we’re going to be singing these new settings of the communion liturgy that I wrote.

7 Keys to Becoming Invisible in Worship Leading

How to take yourself out of the equation in worship leading.

3 Things That Happen When You Hold a Silent Church Service

Have you ever tried a silent church service? Stillness is an under-utilized spiritual discipline that could be a very healthy addition to your worship.

Facebook Is Now Meta: What It Means for Churches

The parent company Facebook has announced that it will become Meta. Here are three things that churches should be considering in the new metaverse.

6 Common Misconceptions About God’s Will

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about knowing God's will, especially when it comes to choosing a career path. Here are six errors I wish I had known long before last year.

Are Icons OK to Use in Prayer and Worship?

Given the church's history, it is understandable that the Protestants came along and threw the baby Jesus icon out with the bathwater. Literally. Should the modern church use religious icons or not?

How to Lead Worship with Limited Resources

Wondering how to lead worship with limited resources? The majority of worship leaders regularly find themselves leading under less than ideal conditions. So how should they respond?

Greg Laurie on the Likelihood of Another Jesus Movement and Why...

Greg Laurie appears on the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what it was like to grow up in the middle of the Jesus People Movement and his thoughts on whether we'll see another awakening like it.

Worship & Creative Leaders