Social Media Trends Churches Must Understand

I’ve pored over dozens of statistics and aggregated the most recent trends on social media usage (in the U.S.). The result is a new Infographic created specifically to help church leaders understand the most important trends and apply them in their communications. Scroll your mouse over the graphics, and they’ll reveal the data!

Part of the impetus for this has been the volume of emails and calls I’ve taken from pastors asking me about the validity and value of social media for churches. The other part was that I love the simplicity and impact of infographics, so I wanted to try and visualize what I’ve been talking about for years.

This was a long labor of love, but I think you’ll enjoy sharing this with your pastor friends!

View inforgraphic here. 

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Anthony Coppedge
Anthony has worked in the secular world of A/V, the ministry world of church staff and the para-church ministry of three companies that serve the church space (Auxano, Fellowship Technologies and Worlds of Wow!). Today, his consultancy focuses on helping churches and para-church ministries leverage appropriate systems, processes and technologies for more effective ministry. Anthony leads out of his strengths of effectively caring for people, efficiently managing resources and enabling scalable growth. He has been consulting, teaching, writing and speaking to church and business leaders for nearly 20 years.

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