Children's Ministry Videos


The Christmas Story

The Christmas story told and acted out by children.

An Unexpected Christmas

"The story of Christmas told by the kids of St. Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand."

Born Is the King (It’s Christmas)—Hillsong

"All of the earth rejoice, it's Christmas time."

This Is Amazing Grace—Bethel Music Kids

"The King of glory, the King above all Kings."

Context: Redemption

"God is a redeemer of all things."

4-Year-Old Recites Books of the Bible and Then Goes Off Script

This preschool graduation just got a little surprise.

Parable of the Lost Sheep

Jesus' Parable of the Lost Sheep. How cute is this?

God’s Story: David and Goliath

"The important thing to remember is that God loves all of us absolutely, no matter what we think or do."

Parable of the Two Builders—Wise & Foolish

A playful way to tell the classic story.

Why We Don’t Need You in Kids’ Ministry

We may not need you in KidMin...but they do.

83% of Christians Accept the Gospel Before This Age

Have you missed the window? This shocking stat sheds a whole new light on the importance of kids’ ministry.

Jesus Washes Away Sin: A 1-Minute Science Experiment

Use this simple visual demonstration to teach your kids the power Jesus has over sin.

John Baptizes Jesus (Animated)

An animated clip of John the Baptist and the end of Matthew chapter 3.

5 Secrets to Teaching Kids the Gospel

Mark Harper, the author and creator of Super Church 2.0, shares his secrets for writing your own curriculum.

The History of Memorial Day

Take a closer look at the origin of Memorial Day, a day dedicated to honoring the memory of fallen troops. A video created by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Rick Warren Encourages Children of Fallen Soldiers

"Your mom, your dad, was a hero, and you should be proud of them as all Americans are proud of them."

Excellent Summary of the Whole Bible … for Kids!

Understanding the big story context of the Bible.

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