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Paul Tripp: It’s More Important to Rescue Kids from their Own Foolishness than to Shelter Them from the World


“The foolishness that is inside the heart of your child is, in fact, much more dangerous to him or her than the temptations outside of them,” Paul Tripp begins in this short video for parents.

We can’t protect our kids simply by sheltering them from the temptations of the world. Since it is the foolishness inside them that is connecting to the foolishness in the world, we have to address the foolishness inside them.

So what do you mean by foolishness?

In the Psalms, Tripp says, we are told the most significant aspect of foolishness is a denial of God. When the Psalms talk about foolishness, they’re not talking about philosophical atheism, but about living in a way that says you don’t need God, don’t need his wisdom, his power, his presence, or his grace. A foolish person puts him or herself at the center of his or her worldview, instead of putting God there.

Putting oneself at the center of one’s worldview will not reap a life of “peace, joy, satisfaction, and hope.”

“Fools need to be rescued from themselves,” Tripp says, and only God’s grace can rescue someone from foolishness.

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