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Children Lesson on Prayer: Why Jesus Loves to Hear From Us

Tell kids to take a few minutes to pray separately or in small groups for someone or something in their lives or hearts. Kids who don’t feel comfortable praying aloud can pray silently. After they pray, have kids drop a tablet or two in the water and say, “Amen!”

Then take a minute for kids to be quiet and listen. They’ll be able to hear all the fizzing noises in action. Say, “God is always at work through our prayers. He answers in different ways, and sometimes we have to be quiet and listen for those answers.”

During this children lesson on prayer, it’s amazing to watch kids pray with excitement. The fizzy tablets help maintain kids’ attention as they learn that praying is a good thing—and also fun. Just be sure to monitor kids closely so they don’t eat the tablets or drink the water.

Pro tip: Send leftover tablets home with kids so they can drop them in water during family prayer time.

Have a great time using this object lesson on prayer—and sharing how awesome and amazing Jesus is!

This children lesson on prayer originally appeared here.

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