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10 Lepers Object Lesson: KidMin Resources About Thanking God

10 lepers object lesson
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A 10 lepers object lesson focuses on Jesus’ healing power and people’s response. In Luke 17:11-19, Jesus encounters 10 lepers who are desperate to be clean and whole. They shout from a distance, begging Jesus for pity. After Jesus heals the lepers, only one returns to say thanks. And he happens to be a Samaritan!

Jesus healing the lepers is often read and taught near Thanksgiving. It offers powerful advice about expressing and living out gratitude. A 10 lepers object lesson is popular in Sunday school classes. That’s because it offers key takeaways for children of all ages.

Need fresh materials for teaching what happens after Jesus heals the lepers? Then keep reading. We’ve assembled Bible stories, lessons, activities, games, and gratitude-themed crafts. Use them in kidmin classes and for children’s worship any time of year!

10 Lepers Object Lesson Resources

Here are 10 sources of lesson material about Jesus healing the 10 lepers. Help Sunday school students discover why we offer thanks to God.

1. Saying Please & Thank You

First up, Sermons4Kids offers free Bible lessons and children’s messages about this Scripture. This one is for younger kids who are learning about manners.

2. The Samaritan Returns to Give Thanks

Next, use this lesson plan for older children. They may want details about leprosy and why lepers were outcasts. This study also explores how Jews viewed Samaritans in Bible times.

3. Game for Preschoolers

Check out this preschool game about Jesus healing the lepers. Plus, a poem helps kids remember the Bible story.

4. Bible Lesson & Activities

This printable lesson has a video component. Plus you’ll find games, activities, and worksheets for students.

5. Thankful Hearts

We love this material about Jesus, our healer. Using the lesson and dialogue, teachers and parents can explore heartfelt gratitude.