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God Is Always With Us Craft: Teach Kids About God’s Watchful Eye

God is always with us craft

A God is always with us craft, or a God’s eye craft, is a childhood favorite. With simple supplies of wooden craft sticks and yarn, children can weave beautiful designs and keepsakes. Maybe you have fond memories of making crafts in Sunday school or VBS. Did you know the God’s eye craft, or God is always with us craft, has biblical symbolism?

Scripture assures us that God is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-present. God is always watching us—and watching over us. For children, such constant “super-vision” might feel threatening. So assure them that God’s eye is on us to protect us from harm.

Add meaning to this activity by providing age-appropriate biblical context. For little learners, keep things simple, emphasizing God’s love and care. For older students, encourage discussions about God’s role in our daily lives and in the world.

God Is Always With Us Craft: Biblical Design Ideas

First, let’s look at some biblical themes of this craft. Then we’ll share some neat variations on designing God’s eyes with kids.

Biblical Themes of a God’s Eye Craft

Throughout Scripture, we read about God’s loving attentiveness. God is always watching over his children. Job 34:21 (NIV) reads: “His eyes are on the ways of mortals; he sees their every step.” God also opens the eyes of his children so they can follow his laws and his ways.

Here are resources for reading more about the eyes of God:

  • This website offers insights about Proverbs 15:3. “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere.”
  • This resource that looks at God’s eyes is helpful for Sunday school teachers. Note the links near the bottom about other anthropomorphic aspects of God.
  • And here’s a kid-friendly Bible message about God’s eye being on the sparrow. (See Matthew 10:29-31.)

7 Design Ideas for a God Is Always With Us Craft

Help children get creative with these crafty ideas:

1. Directions for a God Is Always With Us Craft

Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions for weaving a God’s eye craft, or Ojo de Dios. Plus, a brief Bible study addresses God’s watchfulness.

2. Craft Through the Alphabet

This website offers a kidmin craft for every letter of the alphabet! The God’s eye craft, for G, comes with several relevant Bible passages.