Questioning the New Year

by Cara Martens

Journey Church in Dallas asked some great questions this weekend to reflect on 2010 and plan for 2011.

Head: What event or experience positively changed the way you think this year? How will you incorporate that change into your life in 2011?

Shoulders: What has been weighing on your shoulders this year? What worries do you need to cast off so you can walk more lightly this year?

Hands: What is the most meaningful work you created in 2010? What do you most need to create next year?

Heart: What moved you most this year? What motivated you, inspired you, broke your heart or renewed your hope? Have you listened to the whisper of this moment enough yet? What is it asking of you?

Knees: What was most humbling about this year and how did you grow from it? How can you continue to accept and improve in that area?

Feet: Where do you need to go in 2011 – figuratively, literally – from a new frame of mind to a new posture toward a relationship to a vacation spot? Where do you need to go, and what can you do to make sure you get there?

I appreciate the way ( ) changed my thinking. I am going to incorporate that into my life by…

I have spent too much time this year worrying about ( ) . I am going to let this go and think about ( ) instead.

I am proud that I created ( ) last year. This year, I want to create…

I was really moved by ( ) in 2010. This tells me…

I was humbled by ( ) . I have learned that I need to …

In 2011, I need to go ( ) I am going to get there by…

Share one or two of your answers in the comments below so we can encourage you…. Here’s to an amazing new year!

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