Dream BIG

I came across a TV show on Netflix called The Buried Life. The show originally aired on MTV and tells the story of four 20 something’s who wrote down 100 things they wanted to do before they die. Then, they decided to do them and have managed to accomplish some big goals, like playing basketball with president Obama and writing a best selling book. Other goals on their list include telling a joke on Late Night Television; getting on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine; and becoming a Knight for a day.

The Buried Life started out three years before the TV show even existed. These four 20 something’s raised enough money to buy a bus and begin knocking off some the 100 things on their list, filming their adventures along the way. Being persistent, the got funding and sponsors that fueled their dreams. Eventually they got MTV to give them their own TV show with full creative control. The show gave them a huge platform that opened up a lot of doors.

For everything they knock off their list, they help a stranger accomplish one thing they want to do before they die. They reunited a father and son, who hadn’t seen each ioverhead in over 20 years; purchased a computer for a under-funded elementary school and much more.

It all started with a BIG dream. Their friends and family thought they were crazy. They faced setbacks and disappointment, but moved forward regardless. Why? Because they had a BIG dream. From the beginning, the goal was to inspire others to follow their dreams, and they certainly have!

What do you want to do before you die? What BIG dreams has God put in your heart? Have you allowed the mundane routine of life to snuff out the amazing dreams God has placed in your heart?

If there is sometng stirring in your heart and it’s a good goal, project or undertaking, then go for it. God lives within you. He places His desires in your heart. If a goal or desire within you impacts others in a positive way, then it is probably God’s desire within you waiting to be unleashed.

Pursue the BIG dreams God has for you!

The problem is that we often put limits on ourselves. We think too logically and talk ourselves out of it. Or we begin to move forward and stop due to obstacles that stand in our way. Or we let fear, doubt and indecision to snuff out the dream.

The truth is that obstacles, self-limiting beliefs, fear, doubt and indecision are all a part of the journey. If you experience any or all these thing when undertaking a project, get excited! It means you’re doing something great!

If four 20 somethings can accomplish the BIG, crazy things on their list, then what BIG dreams could you accomplish with God’s guidance and strength? I mean, really, think about that.

Here are a few random steps that have worked for me when pursuing a BIG dream:

1. Ask God what dreams He has for your life. If you discover something your passionate about, go for it and don’t look back!

2. Write it down and get specific, which keeps you focused.

3. Expect opposition of every kind, both within yourself and outside yourself. Be persistent and don’t give up.

4. Keep in mind that every adversity carries with it the seed of equal or greater opportunity.

5. Be flexible. Take one step at a time. What you originally set out to do might look different than you originally expected. New opportunities come along the way, so be open to them.

6. Depend on God, not yourself.

A God sized goal is BIG and it goes beyond yourself, impacting others in a positive way. What dreams are inside you waiting to be unleashed?

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