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5 Easy Embeds for Your Church Website


Upload. Update. Remove. Repeat.

Does your workflow ever feel like an endless loop? To reach your audience effectively, it’s essential that you keep your content up to date across every channel.

It’s tedious work — or it used to be, anyway.

Web embeds are simple tools that sync content between your mobile app, website, and more. They take work you’ve already done — like upload a sermon, or organize an event — and replicate it everywhere else in a single click.

Just drop a snippet of code, provided to you in the Subsplash Dashboard, in any section of your website and your platforms will be instantly connected.

If you know how to copy-and-paste, you can use web embeds. It’s that easy.

What does this mean for you? No more going back and forth between your app and website, triple-checking your own work, to make sure you updated everything.

With one-click publishing and web embeds, your content will be everywhere, all the time.

We’re adding two new embeds to the Subsplash Dashboard, so it’s as good a time as any to streamline your workflow with web embeds. Check out the details below, then log in and get started!


Events—coming soon!

Are you managing more than one calendar between your app and website? Your time is worth more!

With the new Events embed, all events you create in the Subsplash Dashboard will automatically and instantly appear on your website. Say goodbye to repetitious, time-wasting processes!

The Events embed isn’t just a timesaver, but also a safety net, ensuring that every detail about your event is the same on every channel and device. Your website and app will be completely in sync — as they should be.

Just like your app users, your web visitors will find all the information they need right within the embed. They’ll even be able to add it to their calendar and share it with others, increasing participation and building community.


Mobile and TV App Promo—new!

A healthy church app should see three times more downloads than regular church attendees. Not quite seeing these results and wondering what you’re missing?

The reason no one’s downloading your app is often far more simple than you might expect.

They just don’t know about it.

Besides making regular announcements about your app during weekend services — which we hope is already part of your strategy — adding download links to your website is key.

Anyone who has taken the time to visit your website has identified with your mission at some level. Why not offer them a clear path to connecting with you through your mobile app?

Now, you can use the new Mobile and TV App Promo embed to link from your website to all major app stores!

Best of all, your web visitors no longer need to leave your website to find download links for your app. Removing this barrier and making your app even more accessible brings more users to your app and, ultimately, boosts engagement with gospel content.



Belonging to a local church — and supporting it financially — is a fundamental part of the discipleship journey.

Technology should support this, but a bad giving experience can get in the way.

Our Giving embed puts the beautiful giving tool already found in your app directly on your website. It’s just as simple as making a donation on a mobile device, but on the web, side by side with your existing web content.

As always, this embed doesn’t require extra work for anyone on your team, including your bookkeeper.

Because giving to your church represents an act of worship, we’re serious about removing clutter and keeping the entire experience safe and secure.


Media Library

It’s unlikely that your pastors will ever run out of sermon ideas. “All Scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching” (2 Tim 3:16), so there’s plenty of material!

That means you’ll always have media to upload, week after week.

Good news: the Media Library embed can save you countless hours of hands-on effort!

With one-click publishing, simply upload your files to one place, the Subsplash Dashboard, and watch them appear everywhere: your mobile apps, TV apps, and the Media Library embed on your website.

It’s as easy as it sounds, and frees you up from endless clicking to get out there and engage in ministry. One and done!


Most Recent Media Item

If you manually update your website homepage every week to highlight Sunday’s sermon, this will definitely be your new favorite tool.

Similar to the Media Library, the Most Recent Media Item embed showcases your newest audio or video file — automatically and immediately. You’ll never need to worry about keeping your website fresh again.

So set it and forget it. These embeds are made to simplify your processes and fuel your mission!

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