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Please: Protect Your Mac!

protect your mac
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Please Protect your Mac! (I know, I know, this can be a controversial topic, but hey, it’s an election year.)

Apple fans aside, it is important to objectively look at the security of all devices on your network and with access to your ministry data. Whether BYOD or ministry issued, device security matters. The myth that Macs don’t need protected continues to live and the bad guys know it. So you must protect your Mac.

Data from 2023 indicates that Apple has an 8.6% share of the worldwide computer market, leaving Microsoft Windows with the majority of the rest. The myth that Macs don’t need protection is often hidden in the 8.6% market share of PCs.  If you’re a bad guy, do you attack 8.6% of the computers or 91.4% of them?  Market share does not equate to operating system security.

Protect Your Mac

MBS recommends that all computers have security software. While Apple and Microsoft include built-in antivirus and malware protection, they often fall short of the enterprise security features most ministries require. I grant you; they are better than nothing, but do you want protection that is robust and strong, or simply better than nothing?

SentinelOne is the security suite that MBS recommends. Since MBS exclusively serves churches and ministries, we can provide SentinelOne for less than $3 per device per month. To stay agnostic, so you don’t think we only recommend products or services that benefit us financially, we don’t sell licenses directly, but through an authorized provider where we’ve negotiated ministry discounts.

MBS can help you set up your SentinelOne console, where you can remotely manage all machines across all platforms, from one place in the cloud – no on-premises servers required. Since you are buying the licenses directly, you don’t have to be an MBS client as your ministry owns the licenses, not MBS or any other third part provider.  Our provider also invoices you monthly, so you only pay for active clients, saving money over multiyear contract purchases.