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Backstage Inspiration

• Lead your drummer to use mallets on the cymbals for the slow part of the song to create dark orchestral swells to add emotion.
• Ask your bass player to play the glockenspiel for a song that doesn’t need bass.
• Instruct your drummer to use brushes on a slow 6/8-song to help create a softer element in a song.
• Have your acoustic guitar player play the tambourine on their thigh like they are clapping.
• Lend out your Cajon to a young person who has good rhythm; invite them to play the next week.
• Strip down the stage to acoustic guitar, high-strung acoustic guitar, accordion, cajon and Fender Rhodes.

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My name is Mike O’Brien and I am passionate about teaching and mentoring through music. My calling is to use my experience as a producer, worship leader, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist to come alongside musicians, helping them more fully worship God with their instrument and lives.