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Top 50 Quotes From the #GLS18

T.D. Jakes

“A vision can be tormenting, a vision should be a little bit annoying. You should have a vision so big that you’re careful who you tell it to.”

“What really stimulates growth is losing.”

“To believe that something that other people would laugh at is possible is what makes greatness.”

Strive Masiyiwa

“Values are universal so you can take your values beyond your own faith.”

“Christians are the reason the world is preserved.”

“You might have a vision but you need signposts along the way.”

“The best of our people are volunteers. They could work anywhere else in the world.”

Carla Harris

“If all roads lead back to you, then by all definitions your success will be capped.”

“Your job as a leader is to create other leaders.”

“After 31 years on Wall Street what I’ve learned is that most people are not comfortable in their own skin.”

“Part of your divine assignment as a leader is to make a decision.”

“Fear has no place in your success equation.”

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