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Top 50 Quotes From the #GLS18

Dr. Nthabiseng Legoete

“Challenges don’t mean that the dream is not working…challenges are stepping stones to moving forward.”

“Challenges are part of a purpose-filled journey.”

“Don’t let surprise paralyze you.”

Simon Sinek

“There’s no such thing as winning. There’s only ahead and behind.”

“If we are obsessed with winning, we’ll do anything to win. It’s better to lose the game, learn where we could be better, and come back again, again and again.”

“We do not trust people to follow rules. We trust people to know when to break them.”

“If you do not have trusting teams, you have a group of people showing up to work lying, hiding, and faking.”

“It takes remarkable courage to care about someone other than ourselves.”

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