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‘The Jezebel Spirit Literally Castrates Men’ — Mark Driscoll Plugs His ‘Most Controversial’ Sermon Series Ever

As he studied the specific Scriptures regarding the days of Elijah, Driscoll said that he realized that the same issues are present in our culture today: “Apostasy—we can call it wokeness—the worship of God being commingled with gender confusion and transgenderism and sexuality.”

Pointing out that Jezebel was surrounded by male eunuchs when she was arrested and killed in 2 Kings 9, Driscoll said that’s “what happens when you have the Jezebel spirit—it castrates the men—it literally castrates the men.”

“What you see with Jezebel and Ahab is not just people but Spirits working powerfully through people,” Driscoll continued. “In Revelation 2, Jesus rebukes the church and says, ‘You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who is a false prophetess and seduces people to sexual sin, false teaching, false prophecy, political leadership, fear bullying, intimidation, demonic power, and co-opting the church.’ And what Jezebel does, she closes all the churches…then she compromises the churches, and then she controls the churches, and then she castrates the men—Ah, sound familiar?”

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Driscoll said that it might have been the “spirit of Jezebel” that closed churches during the pandemic.

Comparing Jezebel to our nation’s current leaders, Driscoll said, “Could you even imagine a world where the leading ruler was a man who was weak and passive and incompetent, and alongside of him was a controlling evil woman who slept her way to the top? Glad we don’t have anything like that in America.”

Driscoll’s thesis for the upcoming Elijah series is “New Days. Old Demons.” Driscoll stated that just as in Ahab and Jezebel’s day, the “demons are up to their same tricks” today.

Driscoll described young men today as passive, setting records for not being in the workforce, in church, in college, in the military. Instead, Driscoll accuses, they are living at home with their mothers watching pornography, playing video games, ranting and raving on social media, and accomplishing nothing—being no one.

In conjunction with the Elijah series on Sunday mornings, Driscoll will be teaching the men at Trinity Church how to put some “steel in your spine” during the church’s “Real Men” life groups on Wednesday nights. “Ahab is the problem, not the solution.”

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Driscoll shared that he is going to teach about controlling women who have the Jezebel spirit, the Jezebel oppression, or the Jezebel personality, which he describes as a woman who is “controlling, demonic, highly spiritual, that leads through fear and intimidation, highly successful, high control—sensual woman who castrates, neuters, and controls men…if that sounds familiar it’s because we call it America and Western culture.”

Additionally, Driscoll will teach on the men who have an Ahab-like spirit. Men he labels as having “no fight in them” and are “completely passive.”