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Carey Nieuwhof: 21 Things All Great Leaders Do

11. Invest in themselves

You can see self-development as an expense.

The great leaders see a wise use of seminars, coaches, networks, conferences and resources as an investment rather than an expense.

How do you know it’s an investment?

Easy. It produces a return.

Look for those things that will produce a return.

12. Practice self-care

The best leaders take time off. They don’t work 24/7.

They realize they have limits and they respect them.

As I outlined here, almost every leader will either practice self-care or will revert to self-medication.

Don’t believe it? Ever notice you eat worse when you’re under stress? That you swap out exercise when your schedule fills up in exchange for more caffeine?

If you answered yes, you’re self-medicating, and it takes down a huge slice of business leaders and church leaders.

13. Prepare to be misunderstood

Being misunderstood comes with the territory of leadership.

Sometimes you have to do what people need, not what people want.

And often, people won’t understand why in the moment.

As a result, you’ll be misunderstood.

If your leadership is more about the mission than it is about you, you’re OK with that.

14. Develop a trusted inner-circle

The best leaders never lead alone.

They don’t trust themselves enough to only seek their own opinion.

So they develop a trusted inner circle. I wrote about how to develop one here. The bottom line is to get some people wiser than you around you.

If you’re the smartest person in the room, get some new people in the room.

15. Take the high road

It’s easy to get pulled down into mud … arguing, jostling and getting caught up in cheap accusations that lead nowhere good.

Great leaders do not go there.

Take the high road.

You know what that is.

Be kind. Don’t fight back. Prepare to be misunderstood. Forgive. Show grace.

The high road isn’t the easy road, but it’s the best road.

You simply never regret taking it.