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Students Suspended for Donut Outreach


According to the Kiowa County Signal, Roswell, New Mexico school principal has suspended several Christian students after they distributed Bible verses with Krispy Kreme donuts to their teachers on campus. The students, affiliated with a local church named Church on the Move in Roswell, explained that the nearest Krispy Kreme donut shop is in Texas, so they drove nearly six hours the night before to purchase the popular donuts for the faculty, returning on time for school the following morning. One student was immediately sent home after the distribution, while two others were scheduled for Saturday morning detention. The Christian student group often serves the student body and faculty in the name of Christ, handing out sandwiches, hot chocolate, candy, and gifts along with Scripture. They also assist in picking up trash on campus. Pastor Troy Smothermon of Church on the Move said, “Our motives were not rebellious. If they were, we would have just bought a box of donuts down the street. The whole purpose was to encourage those in the school…” Mathew Staver, dean of the Liberty University School of Law, commented, “Some teachers are worried about their students giving them bullets, and this school suspends students over a Bible verse!” Staver also said the Liberty Counsel had filed an earlier lawsuit against the school for disciplining students who distributed anti-abortion messages and abstinence wristbands on campus.