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215 New Baptist Churches Started in Haiti

Christianity Today magazine interviewed the Florida Baptist Convention’s Director of Partnership Missions Craig Culbreth about his recent experience in Haiti since the devastating earthquake in January this year. Culbreth said, since the beginning of the year, 215 Baptist churches have been started in Haiti. “None of these churches meet in a building,” he said. “I wouldn’t even call them tents…A piece of plastic has been put up over wood or frames to get them out of the sun and rain.” Culbreth was optimistic about the future of these churches, saying they offer training for the new church leadership with established pastors. When asked why planting new churches in Haiti should take precedence over housing or education, Culbreth answered, “You have to provide for [the Haitians] spiritually, or we’ve become just another relief agency.” He also said the new churches are “full of new believers, so all are eager to learn.”