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This Is What It Looks Like to Be Changed by Jesus

4. Their behaviors change.

As their thoughts, ideas and desires change, it only makes sense that their behaviors would change as well (our behaviors are motivated by our thoughts and ideas). Someone who used to get drunk on a Friday night can now be found at a Bible study instead. A man who had given up on his marriage is now fighting to be a good husband.

They are able to overcome addictions and strongholds, by the power of Christ. It’s not all perfect, all the time, but there is a tangible shift in behavior.

5. Their will changes.

What used to feel impossible to overcome now feels possible. By the power of God, when we choose to follow Him unconditionally, we are given the strength to face things that we couldn’t have faced before. Temptation doesn’t go away, but in the face of temptation, someone who has accepted their new identity in Christ is much more likely to stand strong.

Their will becomes more than just their will. It becomes God’s will for them and through them. It’s amazing and powerful.

6. Their circumstances change.

It seems obvious that, as their thoughts, ideas, desires, behaviors and will change, their circumstances would also change. I’ve watched many people come out of terrible darkness and walk into the light. It would be misleading to say life is perfect when following Jesus, or that you don’t face fear or conflict.

But no matter the conflict you face, when you’re walking with Jesus, there is incredible purpose and meaning behind it.  

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Scott Wilson is the Senior Pastor of The Oaks Fellowship, ministering to about 3,000 people every week in Dallas, TX. He is a frequent conference speaker, and provides mentorship for dozens of pastors and church leaders through Scott Wilson Consulting. Scott is a loving husband and proud father. Scott and his wife, Jenni, have three boys: Dillon, Hunter, and Dakota.