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7 Reasons You Should Invite (Some) People to Leave Your Church

5. A few aligned people can change the world.

I used to say we could do more with 300 aligned people than with 3,000 unaligned people.

Then one year, in a tough season for us as a church plant, we shrank down to almost 300 adults—far smaller than what we were two years earlier.

We became so focused on our mission and particular strategy—and pursued it in a portable setting without all the trappings of other churches—that many people left.

It was a tough tough season.

But as I outlined in this post, those who stayed got aligned. Our mission became focused.

Now, a few years later, we’re bigger than at any time in our history, and most of our growth is coming from previously unchurched people. People are passionate about our mission.

When you’re tempted to simply do whatever it takes to keep people, remember that a few aligned people can change the world. Jesus did it with 12.  

6. Those who stay will feel honored and relieved.

You’ve got great people at your church. You really do.

When you clarify your focus and lead, great people generally follow. I’m assuming here that you have a God-given vision that’s affirmed by some capable and wise people around you.

But many people will thank you for cutting through the ambiguity and double-mindedness and leading.

When you cut unaligned people loose, the aligned will always thank you.

7. You’ll be blown away by how enthusiastic some of your people really are.

Over time, if your vision and direction are solid, you will see enthusiasm grow.

People will get passionate about your mission.

You will be amazed at how much synergy there is in a group of people moving forward together.

When the voices of the critics go silent (because they leave), you will finally hear the voice of enthusiasm.

I realize few people talk about this in the church. And I realize it’s controversial.

But I wonder if just some of it rings true.

What are you learning?

What keeps you from releasing people?