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Making Disciples for Dummies (Like Me)

I’m having fun these days doing Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) with people who want to know more about Jesus.

This week I met with a twenty something professional. We’re working through Matthew’s Gospel. That wasn’t my plan, somehow we started in Genesis and jumped to Matthew. The guy is out of control. We’re meant to read one story at a time. He’s devouring great slabs of Matthew and bringing his questions.

I’m trying not to be the expert. I want him to discover truth for himself. I also want him to begin obeying what he’s learning. After we’d talked for an hour I asked him, “From everything that you’ve read so far in Matthew, what stands out? What has got your attention?” He didn’t need to think long about the answer—”Forgiveness.”

There were tears as he shared a very personal episode in his life, and the struggle he had to move on.

I said, “That’s what God wants to do in your life. That’s what you need to talk to him about this week.”

At that point we’d moved on from ideas and apologetics, to applying God’s word to his life. He hasn’t made a commitment to Christ yet, but he is learning what it means to be a disciple.

I want you to know that I’m not a natural at this. Far from it.

That’s why I rely on a simple approach like DBS. It’s a simple, reproducible method of evangelism and disciple making, that can lead to church formation. If you want to know more download David Watson’s guide and find someone who wants to know more about Jesus.

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Steve Addison is the author of Movements That Change the World, a calling to spark church planting around the world. He has been a life-long student of movements that renew and expand the Christian faith. Steve currently serves as director of Church Resource Ministries (CRM) Australia. He is married with four children and lives in Melbourne.