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7 Tips to Appreciate Givers in Your Church

My friend, Jimmy Lee, of Create Possible, recently shared some great ideas on how to care for people who are part of your network or investing in your church, non-profit, outreach, or support. Consider the following tips:

1. Start by asking a question.

How are these donors or investors growing in their walk with God because of their partnership and relationship with the work we are doing? In other words, place the focus on them. How can you serve them? How can you help them grow spiritually?

2. Remember that success is more than your statistical outcome.

Those who are supporting your work are just as important as those who you’re reaching with your work. Don’t just value the people you’re serving, but also those who support your mission. And remember to value donors for more than just their financial contributions and gifts, but also for their passion, skills, and gifts that God has given them.

3. Remember that your donor’s value isn’t found in the size of their check.

Whether or not a donor donates to you or your non-profit or church should not change your relationship and desire to want to serve them and care for them.

4. Pray for your donors. This is simple but easy to forget!

The power of prayer is tremendous. Regularly ask how you can specifically pray for your donors.

5. Provide accountability for their investment.

Major donors and investors are very busy people. One of the best ways you can serve them is by helping them to ensure the investment they provided is being used strategically and you are working to provide transparent accountability. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including e-mails, letters, investor packages, and social media. Know your audience and the best way to individually communicate to them.

6. Invite donors to be part of the vision and give them opportunities.

Sometimes, we are just hesitant to ask people to do this because we feel they are just too busy. You will not know unless you ask. Provide opportunities for their family to be a part of the work you are doing together.

7. Know the people in your network.

Most people miss this. Acknowledge them with a thank you card when they donate. When you come across a story in the news that may be of interest to them, send it to them. Most non-profit and ministry leaders don’t know the people in their network. How can you care for them, love them, and ask them to be in partnership when you (as the leader) do not even have a relationship with them?