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7 Things Leaders Should Never Apologize For

1. Never Apologize for Dreaming Big.

He’s God … He wants more for the church than we want for it … ask big!

We have a HUGE GOD who can do things that are absolutely MIND BLOWING … and if we focus on HIS POWER rather than our limitations, we will always be willing to hear what He says and then do it … even though we don’t have all of our questions answered.

2. Never Apologize for Your Passion.

I once had a guy tell me, “Dude, I think you would be more effective as a leader/communicator if you would just calm down a little.” 

Here’s the problem … I can’t!

Jeremiah 20:9 is my verse … Jesus began a fire inside of me on May 27, 1990 … and it’s only gotten hotter. You can be consumed with passion … or be content with being passive. One, Jesus will use to change the world … the other, the enemy will use to dull your soul.

3. Never Apologize for Wanting to Lead. 

If you are called by God and gifted by God to lead … THEN LEAD! Here’s the deal … someone is going to make the decisions. Someone is going to call the shots … and if that is the call that God has put on your life, then DO IT!

By the way … when you do this, it IS going to make people mad. AND … if you can’t handle the fact that people ARE going to hate you simply because you try your best to listen to Jesus and then do what He says … you may not be called to lead!

4. Never Apologize for Not Embracing Someone Else’s Agenda.

You have got to understand that, as a leader, if you experience any level of success, other people will always want to attach themselves and their agenda to you. I often tell people, “Your burden is not my passion!”

As leaders, we are responsible for embracing God’s vision for our lives … not everyone else’s!

I am not saying everyone else’s idea is bad … or even wrong … it’s just that you can’t embrace something that God didn’t truly birth inside of you … and doing so will only lead to personal frustration and your organization trying to manufacture energy for something that they hate!