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7 Reasons Pastors QUIT

6. Loneliness. 

The pastorate can be a very lonely place. Everyone in the church knows you (for some pastors, everyone in the community knows you), yet no one “knows” you.

Pastors can stumble into the habit of thinking they are above or outside the body of Christ. Pastors can fall into the temptation of thinking that they no longer need others ministering to them. And when this happens, ministry becomes very lonely (and deadly).

Encouragement: Let people know your need of them (Titus 3:12). Don’t be shy about asking for their help, support, love and friendship.

Be willing to allow others to minister to you (Philippians 2:19-29). This requires showing weakness and not pretending to have all the answers all the time.

Find someone to pray with regularly — another pastor, elder, lay leader or friend. Someone you can share struggles with. A person who will be thrilled to hear about your life, ministry, and will strongly encourage you. Trust your wife, nurture your marriage and allow her to have a full view into your soul.

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Jason Helopoulos is the Assistant Pastor at URC. He was born in the “Land of Lincoln,” central Illinois. He graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1999. Jason then attended Dallas Theological Seminary and completed a Masters of Theology degree (ThM) with a concentration in Historical Theology and Christian Education in 2003.