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Are You Guilty of Being a Pinterest Pastor?

Someone on Pinterest just finished the perfect kitchen remodel, planted a shade patio garden in a pallet, and flawlessly executed a pirate themed birthday party for their 6-year-old.

Pinterest users can browse categories and find recipes, home decor ideas and even inspirational quotes. It’s a popular social media destination for parents and crafters. But I’ll admit it … I have a Pinterest account. 

Such collections of creative ideas can be inspiring, but they can also be depressing.  

Who has time to buy all the ingredients for those tasty, healthy family meals?  

Who has the money to convert their walk-in closet to a custom laundry room?  

Who has the time to convert a Craigslist dresser into a bathroom vanity?

There are two downsides to websites like Pinterest.

First, it facilitates boasting.  

Pinterest gives you the virtual space to boast about your DIY miracle, flea market find or homemade seven-layer cake. It’s easy to cross the fine line between sharing something that could benefit someone else and screaming, “Look at me.”

Second, it facilitates jealousy.  

It’s an envy-evoking website where you can digitally drool over all you don’t have. How many people become dissatisfied with their closet when they see a dramatic overhaul? I’ve found myself lost in a sea of wishes, scrolling through images of all the things I want, but don’t have.

I want to talk about how the Pinterest phenomenon might underscore a secret problem I believe afflicts many pastors.