Michigan Church Baptizes 500 in One Evening

Over 500 people were baptized in one outdoor service at NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, Michigan on Wednesday evening. Worship music, applause and celebration filled the amphitheater between the church and M-14 freeway. 

More than two thousand people gathered outside NorthRidge Church with lawn chairs, blankets and food as beach balls bounced through the air. Family and friends stood throughout the evening to cheer on those being baptized.

“Seeing so many families, couples and hundreds of young people taking such a step of obedience marks an important time in their life and faith journey,” stated Senior Pastor Brad Powell. NorthRidge’s mission of waking the world up to Jesus took a huge step forward in the life of each person who participated in baptism this night. “So many claim to have faith, but they never take that next step in faith. God honors obedience.”

NorthRidge Church is a non-denominational ministry that serves approximately 20,000 southeastern Michigan residents. Senior Pastor Brad Powell has led the congregation for the past 23 years. NorthRidge offers six services each weekend; four at the Plymouth location and one at each of their satellite locations. 

Pastor Powell went on to say, “Thousands on a hillside worshipping and proclaiming faith in Jesus while hundreds were being baptized isn’t new, but it doesn’t happen that often. We are honored that God could use NorthRidge to change so many lives and proclaim His glory.”

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