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5 Ways to Get Volunteers Into the Game

3. Engage a Research Partner.

Invite a potential leader at your church to help you pull together some research for an upcoming message. Ask them if they would be interested in doing some research for the topic at hand, and then go out for lunch to talk about it.

You’ll multiply your time and get some new ideas for the message … plus they’ll feel great when you use some of their content from the stage!

4. Do Some Calling.

Ask a potential leader if they would be able to help you call some first-time guests that have attended your church in the last couple weeks. Put together a basic “outline” for the call that sets the bar for the interaction you are looking for.

Meet with them before they start the calls and inject some vision into the conversation. Then ask them to report back in a few days after they have done the calls with what they learned about the guests!

5. Scheduling Team Members. 

Do you manage a roster of volunteers that serve on a volunteer team? This is a great ongoing function to pass along to an upcoming leader!

Ask them to make sure that the right people end up serving every weekend for the next few months, and that they report back to you if there is going to be a problem on any given weekend. Make sure to outline what you need them to do in a one-page document so it’s clear the sort of interactions you want them having with the team.

I’d love to hear your ideas on some simple tasks you’ve given to potential leaders to get to see them in action! Leave your ideas in the comments!  

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