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How Do You Know It’s Time to CHANGE Direction?

The vision of your church will always stay the same … usually it has something to do with reaching people and helping them grow in their faith. The strategy will mostly stay the same over the years because you build organizational momentum through consistently executing the same strategy.

However, there are times when you need to shift and change the strategy … you need to head in a new direction to reach your vision as a church.

How do you know when it’s time to change direction?

Here are some times that I’ve seen the need to make a course correction in the way we “do church”:

A revelation.

Leading in a church is fundamentally a spiritual enterprise. At our core, we are called to listen to what the Father is telling us as we lead and act upon that.

There are times when we believe that God is calling us change direction, and so we should! Some of the most fruitful times in my ministry career have come out of this sort of course correction.

Listen closely … then act.

Team change.

Every time the make up of your team changes, it’s an opportunity to think about whether your strategy should change as well.

Every staff member and key volunteer leader in you church uniquely contributes to the ability to execute your strategy, and so, when the people change, you need to think about a potential change.

Did the team member contribute in a way that needs to be covered for? Does this opening create space to move the organization in a new way?

It’s time to double-down. 

When things are going right with a department in your church … and you believe that if you direct more resources to that area you will see even more impact … change the strategy to make it happen!

As leaders, we are constantly making resource allocation decisions, and sometimes we need to adjust to make sure that those areas making the most impact get the most resources.