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How Pastors Can Refresh Their Tired Souls

5. Build relationships with no ministry purpose in mind.

Eugene Peterson, the author of The Message Bible, paraphrased said …

“Pastors can lose touch with relational vitality when their relationships are driven by programmatic necessity. When this happens, pastors can lose the context for love, hope, faith, touch and a kind of mutual vulnerability. In the midst of the congregation, pastors become lonely and feel isolated—and that isolation can be deadly to the pastoral life. Those are the conditions in which inappropriate intimacies flourish.” (http://www.alban.org/conversation.aspx?id=3280)

6. Take care of your body. 

Through exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep.

7. Master technology, don’t let it master you.

I’m a techno geek. I was one of the original Mac owners, and I use an iPhone and an iPad. I love electronic gadgets. I’m on Facebook. I tweet, text, email and blog. I’ve found, however, that technology can easily enslave me. It’s a battle, yet when I control my technology, I’m more at peace. Interestingly, research has shown that the average worker is interrupted every 11 minutes and takes 25 minutes to refocus back on his job. I’ve found that to be generally true in my life when I compulsively check email.

8. Periodically take a solo retreat.

Occasionally, I’ve taken a night and a day at a local retreat center. I’m usually the only one there. When I go, I think, pray, plan, write and study. Those periodic getaways refresh my soul and help break me from the rigors of ministry, resetting my focus to respond appropriately to the stresses ministry brings.

What has helped add life to your soul as a pastor?  

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