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22 Critical Ministry Imperatives

7. Leadership requires spiritual impartation.

Spiritual impartation is a proven principle that lifts the value of a functioning qualified group of leaders called elders. Local churches need elderships. Elderships need to be spiritual, able to impart and lay hands on people. There is something significant that happens when the eldership lays their hands on leaders and imparts spiritual blessings and anointing to them.

Don’t neglect receiving impartation and embrace giving it to others also. (If you want to study this principle more, start with 1 Timothy 4:14.)

8. Leadership requires wisdom in handling people.

A leader is aware of the unique needs and challenges facing people from various ages and socio-economic statuses and the decorum required for each. Ministry requires sensitivity and caution. Treat everyone with genuine respect and love.

It has been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Wisdom in ministry values relationships before the need to assert oneself or prove authority. It promotes unity at all cost.

Herb Kelleher, co-founder of Southwest Airlines, said, “I would rather have a business led by love than by fear.” A church and ministry led by love for people will make a lasting impact!

9. Leadership requires keeping your gift at full flame.

Your passion for God and for loving and serving His people needs to be kept at full flame at all times. The flame represents a divine spark, a Holy-Spirit-inspired energy that fuels you. If you have let the flames dwindle, revive the spark. Never be quenched. Do not allow the fire in your soul to go out. Stir it up, reactivate and excite it into fresh activity.

Be a person of fearlessness. Fear feeds timidity and shrinking back. Receive the spirit of power, full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Keep your passion for God on full blast and the passion for all the rest will follow.

10. Leadership requires finding “Onesiphorus” people.

Onesiphorus is a man who was mentioned by Paul as someone who refreshed Paul. He zealously sought out Paul, even when Paul was imprisoned and was not ashamed to be seen with him. Every leader needs these kinds of people—those who often bring refreshing to your life, who are never ashamed of your circumstances and who will seek you out to minister encouragement.

Everyone needs a lifter of their spirits. Find people who love you unconditionally, encourage you radically, stand with you in prayer continually, and with whom you can laugh and cry! Life and ministry is a journey. Make sure you share it with someone.