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Strippers Stage Topless Protest in Front of Ohio Church

Employees of an exotic dance club in Warsaw, Ohio, protested a local church by going topless in front of the church property as congregants were exiting services last Sunday morning. Thomas George, owner of the Foxhole North club, said the protest was necessary because members of the church, New Beginnings, regularly “harass” his strip club’s patrons in his parking lot. Christian Post reported that George has tried suing the church but has been forced to this drastic demonstration.

“We’ve been backed into a corner, and they continue to harass the customers,” George told USA Today. “I don’t want to use nudity, but obviously he (pastor) doesn’t understand the meaning of just go away.”

The protest in front of the non-denominational church on Sunday was peaceful for the most part, as reported by local media, although a group of women from the church did start a short argument with the protestors. George says he’s not responsible for who saw the topless women (including children), calling them “unfortunate innocent bystanders.” He also suggested that the following Sunday’s protest would be escalated, saying “those who hate me will hate me even more.”
New Beginnings pastor Bill Dunfee said the trouble between the club and the church has been escalating for three years since his members began regularly protesting the club in their parking lot. But Dunfee says people have turned away from the club because of the protests, and at least one club employee left her job when she became a Christian. The church also offers food, housing and money to the strippers.

“The bottom line for us is that it’s a gospel issue,” said Dunfee. “When the church was born over 2,000 years ago, it was in the midst of opposition. We know what we’re doing is working.”

The strip club is located about nine miles down the road from the church. Local media explained that Ohio law allows both men and women to go topless in public. Court documents show that business at the club has decreased by more than half since the church’s protests began.